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Your DFW Area Network Security Experts

Cyber-Threats are on the rise!  With more than 50% of all mobile phones infected, they pose a real danger when connected to your corporate WIFI hotspots.

At Linux Solutions we believe you deserve the right to conduct daily operations without fear of malicious Cyber-Threats.  That's why we use the very same tools for early detection that industry leaders such as Norton and McAfee use to compile updates.

For our core security support we use the legendary pfSense platform.  This extensible powerhouse is built upon the mighty BSD Unix operating system!  It's the very same operating system that Cisco International uses in all its hardware based appliances!

The beauty of pfSense is that it can be embedded into engineered switching hardware OR it can be run completely virtualized in the cloud!

That means it can be live migrated between nodes while your users are connected to VPN or the internet.  Users don't even realize what's happening!

Furthermore, with properly configured source blocking intrusion detection you can safely avoid the need for expensive antivirus servers constantly scanning network clients.

Your Cyber-Threats are stopped in their tracks immediately!